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R.D. E.D.


Remember December book cover
(13 Days of December Book One)

Rylee Green lives a fairly normal life until a world-famous boy band comes to town and turns her world upside down. Things start to change for her in ways she never imagined when the lead singer, Carson James, hits her in the back of the head with his fast-food wrapper. 


He’s isn’t the pampered and self-centered celebrity she imagined he’d be, but kind, funny, and undoubtedly the kind of gorgeous you dream about… and Rylee would know, since her older sister has been planning her fantasy wedding to Carson for years. 


When the paparazzi snaps a blurry picture of the singer and his “Mystery Girl” fleeing from the cameras, Rylee starts receiving social media backlash and bullying like she’s never experienced before. 


The world already hates her, twisting her words and constructing lies to fit their narrative, but what will happen when her true identity is revealed and she can no longer hide behind a baseball cap? 


And worst of all, what happens when her Carson-obsessed sister finds out she’s the girl in all the photos?

Endure May book cover

(13 Days of December Book Two)

Following the death of his sister, world-famous drummer, Jamie LeMont, spirals into a pit of depression, relying on alcohol to drown her memory.


Victoria Green is insensitive. Selfish. And has been obsessed with Jamie’s band forever. Except when she meets him in real life, she’s disappointed to find that she can’t stand his careless, drunken attitude.


But after Jamie’s reckless behavior lands him unwanted attention from the media, the two are forced to fake date in order to rectify his reputation, and as it turns out, they have more in common than they ever could have predicted.


Still—they can’t stand each other.


Will they be able to maintain this farce for the media, or will too much time spent together turn the arrangement into more than a business relationship?

T.N. F.J.

(13 Days of December Book Three)

Aspiring country singer Hayley Ford made a promise to herself.


One shot. 


One last chance to make a name for herself and chase her dreams before she succumbs to a boring life that leaves her unsatisfied.


Local singing show, Tennessee Talent, is her lifeline, but one serendipitous encounter with Kris Topaz, the mystery judge for the season, threatens to undo everything she’s worked for. 


No one knows they’ve met before, and if the producers find out it will mean the end of her time on the show. Hayley has to stay away from Kris if it’s the last thing she does.


The problem is, despite everything at stake… she can’t help but want to know him.

Forever June book cover

(13 Days of December Book Four)

On the precipice of a breakup, Carmina Topaz fell in love with her brother’s best friend beneath the sunny skies of Florida. It all started with a pact; the promise of a summer full of distractions during which they’d help each other forget about their exes. 


Until hers came back into the picture, and she was faced with an impossible decision that ruined everything.


Dylan Green has spent every day for the past four years trying to expunge her from his memory, but that summer, the late nights on the beach, and her striking blue eyes are imprinted on his mind like a tattoo.


So, when Carmina’s job brings her into town and the feelings Dylan has tried to suppress over the years come rushing back, he’s perfectly content pretending she doesn’t exist.


He may have attempted to erase her memory, but his is the only thing that’s kept her going, and she’s determined to remedy the past in whatever way she can in the hope of reminding him that loving her wasn’t always accompanied by pain.

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