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Sweet, inspirational, heartwarming romance.

Paranormal romance and

dark fantasy romance.

Whether you're new to my books, have been around since the beginning, or are somewhere in between, you've probably realized by now that I am physically incapable of sticking to one genre. I write like I read - in a wide array of genres and worlds, as I get bored after reading too many books in a row in the same genre. However, for me, it always comes back to one thing:

No matter what a book is about, whether they're regular people, celebrities, or vampires, it's inevitably the character relationships that keep me reading and wanting more. I refuse to box myself in and shut down my ideas simply because they don't fit one, concrete genre. 

That's why I've used the phrase "Romance for Every Reader" to describe my brand. Since I know that a lot of you may not like such unpredictability, I've broken my books down into categories and sub-categories to make it easier for you to find what you want to read.

So, I hope this page helps you decide which of my genres you like best, or maybe even help you discover a new one.

Whatever your poison, I hope that you fall in love with the world of fiction the way I have.
All my love,
Lexi Kingston
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