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C.N. I.T.M


Come Nightfall book cover
(Nightfall Book One)

After tragedy strikes, Aspen Troy and her family are forced to uproot their lives, traveling across the world to live in an old house that fuels a small town’s legends and horror stories. Besides her dread and aspirations to be anywhere else, Aspen isn’t completely unhappy until the nightmares start. Horrific dreams leave her waking with very real scars and the image of a man she can’t seem to shake out of her head. A man who turns out to be the reason the disturbing stories circulating town exist to begin with.


Then there’s the Draven family. They seem normal enough, but their intertwining history with her ancestors is strange. It’s not until she comes face to face with one of them that she’s sure something is off. But it’s hard to be skeptical because, as it turns out, the devilishly handsome Miles Draven saved her life. Or is it possible he ended it?


When Aspen is presented with a choice—live and pledge her life to a clan of vampires, or die and sacrifice herself to the clan she would have been born into—she’s forced to make an unfathomable decision before her time runs out.

In the Moonlight book cover
(Nightfall Book Two)

Three months ago, Aspen Troy’s life changed forever when she became a vampire and broke the ancient curse that’s plagued the Draven clan for centuries. Except when they discover only she can successfully create new vampires, it’s clear the curse hasn’t been lifted.


Now Aspen has a choice to make—turn innocent people in the name of saving those who have already lived more lifetimes than any person should, or refuse, and risk all of them being killed by the Twelve vampire clans. 


As if this choice isn’t hard enough, Vanesa Draven tries to force Aspen’s hand by kidnapping someone she can’t afford to lose for leverage.


The decision is hers.


And either way, people will die because of it.

(Nightfall Book Three)

Tragedy, death, and mayhem have followed Aspen Troy since the moment she stepped foot in Ichorye, London, and when a twisted turn of events leaves her fighting for her life, the Draven siblings find themselves scrambling to save her before it’s too late.  

As enemies close in and Aspen comes closer to death, she realizes the only person who can save everyone she loves is the one person she already owes a favor.

(Nightfall Book Four)

Ithe clutches of an ancient vampire, Aspen Troy’s past and present collide in an unforeseen turn of events that leaves her questioning everything. As an unknown illness threatens to devour her, she must discover her captor’s true intentions before they cost her friends their lives. 


Elaine Graves is forced to adapt to her new life and disapproving maker while struggling to navigate her abilities. Visions foretell a darkness to come, and she’s determined to decipher their meaning and find her best friend before they come to fruition. But doing so could put a delicate treaty between enemy territories in jeopardy.

Everyone has an angle. 

Everyone desires ultimate power. 

What comes next is a matter of who can tip the scales in their favor.

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