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Contemporary romance author Lexi Kingston started writing when she was fifteen years old solely because she was obsessed with the idea of creating fictional worlds like the ones she lived through growing up. There was this thrilling allure to writing characters that you can relate to and find pieces of yourself within that she couldn’t shake, and this eventually drew her to fiction writing. She wanted to create a world people could get lost in—a fictional safe haven, if you will. A place filled with endless possibilities, where you can lose yourself, yet find yourself within the pages.


You can find Lexi's paranormal/fantasy romance titles under “Lexi J. Kingston.”

I've always been a huge music lover. I'm the type of person who likes to connect songs to experiences and emotions, so I thought it was only appropriate to create playlists for my books. Each includes a collection of songs that remind me of my characters, their journeys, and even a few that I listened to while writing.

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