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In the clutches of an ancient vampire, Aspen Troy’s past and present collide in an unforeseen turn of events that leaves her questioning everything. As an unknown illness threatens to devour her, she must discover her captor’s true intentions before they cost her friends their lives. 


Elaine Graves is forced to adapt to her new life and disapproving maker while struggling to navigate her abilities. Visions foretell a darkness to come, and she’s determined to decipher their meaning and find her best friend before they come to fruition. But doing so could put a delicate treaty between enemy territories in jeopardy.

Everyone has an angle. 

Everyone desires ultimate power. 

What comes next is a matter of who can tip the scales in their favor.

After Sunrise (Nightfall Book Four)

  • Products can not be returned or refunded once the order is placed.

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